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Singapore – Woman’s Hips Realigned

I prayed for a lady who came forth because she was unable to conceive a child. She was 28 and had not had a menstrual cycle ever. We prayed life into her and she felt heat in her belly. I re-interviewed her and she mentioned the doctor and said she had a tilted pelvis. So I sat her down, held her legs in the palms of my hands, and noticed her left leg was two centimeters shorter than her right leg.

I asked her if she wanted to be taller or shorter then asked the husband to pray in agreement for Jesus to adjust her hips and see the leg lengthen. We prayed and saw the leg grow. The husband continued to pray with his eyes close fervently. The leg outgrew the other, and I had to ask the husband to take a break from prayer. He opened his eyes, and as he did so he saw the legs perfectly align and began to weep. I asked the lady if she felt anything. She replied that she felt heat with pins and needles in her left hip. I asked her to take a walk, on her return she said something to her husband in Chinese. I asked for a translation and he said she kept leaning to the right. I explained the mind would have compensated for the short leg it would not respond as normal. Our 15 claps, as per requested if healing occurs, caught the attention of a conference doctor who examined her and confirmed the healing. He said a realigned hip would result in leg length difference. Praise God for this miraculous healing. ~Steve

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