Singapore – Woman with Scoliosis Walks

In a church service, a lady with scoliosis as result of my word of knowledge wheeled up for prayer. We prayed and saw remarkable improvement in her demeanor and saw his leg grow 2cm out of the 5cm needed. After a while I asked through her son interpreting whether she wanted to walk. She was too scared for she hadn’t walked for most of her life. 

We were concluding our prayer time and were supposed to gather as a team. I was waiting for our departure when the son ran over and said she wants to walk she wants to walk. So. I quickly confirmed with her, she took my hands and pulled herself up. With her son guiding her with his hands under her arms and my hands in hers she took her first 20 paces EVER. Before she was exhausted and I asked for her wheelchair to be slipped under her. After a quick prayer and a smile we left her in amazement at what God had just done. ~Steve

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