Skin Made Smooth After Prayer!

A young woman, probably in her 20’s, came up with a young man and said she had skin problems all over her body that the doctors (and they had seen many) said there was no cure for her.

They could not help her. We were not sure what the problem was. Even my interpreter did not understand. We thought it was something with the pores. I told her Jesus was the Great Doctor and wanted her healed. (A creative miracle was needed!) I began to pray. I noticed small hard bumps all over her arms and legs as I prayed for God’s creative miracle to cover every inch of her body. Her skin became smooth! She began to weep and fell into my arms. We all praised the Lord together and I told her and her young man that Satan would try to put this back on her, and he did right then. I rebuked him and the spirit of infirmity and told it to leave in Jesus’ name! It did and her skin became smooth again. I said to the young man that he was to stand in for her and tell Satan he had no right to afflict her. Jesus had healed her, and both of them needed to stand strong in the healing and not let Satan rob them! Praise the Lord! God is so faithful!
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