Skin Rash 80% Healed

There was a girl who asked for prayer. She had a skin rash all over her body. She showed it to me and it was red and bumpy on her elbow pits. 

I was with two interpreters and I prayed and then we looked at it and saw it got a little bit better. I prayed for her again and saw it got better. I kept on praying and the rash was slowly getting better. After each time, the girl and both interpreters were surprised and were like “whoa”. Probably after eight prayers, the redness was gone and the bumpiness was mostly gone. There were a few tiny red spots that did not go away after we prayed but she said it was 80% better and healed. So I blessed her and said God will finish this work since it was already 80% healed. – James, Pharmacy Technician

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