Soccer Team Meets the Healer

During a treasure hunt with Christ for the Nations, my team (Tyler, Santiago and I) approached a high school soccer team of about 8 guys. We asked if any of them had any pain anywhere. Many laughed and thanked us. One boy rose his hand and said he did have pain in his shin, but it felt better. We asked if anyone had pain that hurt. We prayed for one boy’s ankle – he got immediately healed. And then back-to-back they started taking off their shoes and socks. We (God) healed a young boy who was laughing the hardest – he had a surgery on his foot and all the pain left. He was shocked! One boy asked for protection and healing of his thoughts. An older man selling sweets limped over and said his left knee hurt. We prayed twice! Completely healed, he walked away saying, “Wow, Jesus!” A young boy came and asked for healing for pain in his hip. We prayed once and all the pain left him. He started to cry in disbelief. We lost count of healings, but maybe 6. We told them that it was because Jesus loves them that He healed them and that they could heal too. They just need to accept Jesus into their hearts, and if they want to, to repeat after Santiago. We held hands in a circle, and 6 of them repeated the salvation prayer. They were in total awe! So beautiful!

We also prayed for an older man who had fluid blockage/inflammation in his right leg. His pain went down 80% but he didn’t see full healing. We prayed for a team member, Beverly, whose legs were not the same length –  about ¾ inch different. Her leg grew, and they are aligned now!   – Melissa, Teacher

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