South Korea – 45 Years of Being Deaf

A 51-year-old woman said she became deaf in her left ear at the age of 6. For 45 years, she was completely deaf in her left ear and mostly deaf in her right ear. She also had other ailments—pain in joints in her hands, stomach pains, leg pains, etc. I decided to go for the ears first. She felt heat all over her body. I commanded her ears to open and asked the translator to whisper in her ear. She was surprised she could hear a little in that ear. We prayed again for it to open, and then I whispered “ChukBokHamnida,” which means “I love you” in Korean, and held her other ear closed. She was shocked—she could hear! And she wept and wept and praised God. She said she continued to feel heat on her body and didn’t sense any more pain in her stomach. She was so overwhelmed that I couldn’t interview her to see how the rest of her body felt.

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