South Korea – Deaf and Dumb

A woman who was deaf & dumb (from birth) with pain on left side of her body came for prayer. Pain was down the hips & leg. She was also diagnosed recently with breast cancer. After praying with her, she said (thru sign language with her son) that she felt congestion and choking in her heart and throat. We got her to renounce all former gods, ancestor worship, broke curses and witchcraft off her family and generations. The choking got worse. The pain on her left side got a bit better but came back. No change on her hearing. She wasn’t too keen to be prayed for her hearing because she didn’t have faith that she would be healed of her hearing and that it didn’t matter as she is old. We prayed more. More renunciation, breaking of bondages, now she admitted that she used to prepare foods for praying to gods for her parents. After praying more, the choking and heart congestion left her, then the pain in her left side left, 100%. Praise the Lord! She was smiling.

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