South Korea – Interpreter Giving Her Life to Jesus

The highlight would be for me that my interpreter gave her life to the Lord. She told me the first night that she really did not want to translate and would it be ok if she just got the prayer needs and the results and left the rest to me. I told her that we could give that a try as I sensed that she was really broken and not up to translating, not aware that she was not saved. The rest of that evening, all I did was touch people very lightly and say “I bless you in the name of Jesus or I bless the body part in need in the name of Jesus.” They all just fell; she counted 20 people.

When they got up, they exclaimed how they all felt better. After the evening and we were meeting back in the room, Hanny shared that she was not saved and that she had someone in her life she could not forgive and that was why she had not wanted to translate. I shared my testimony about unforgiveness with her and how it had nearly ruined my life. I also shared how unforgiveness causes us to be chained to the person who hurt us and allows them control over our lives every day. She pondered that and after a bit told me that made total sense, and she did feel like she was the one locked up. I urged her to consider Jesus as her only help in time of trouble and unforgiveness, shared the gospel with her, hugged and kissed her and that was that. She did not receive Jesus that night. The next morning as we exited the bus she told me she thought about what I had shared with her all night, and she felt like she reached out for Jesus but was not sure. That day she went with Cindy and Naomi shopping, and they prayed over her workplace and just loved on her. That night, because of our team’s love for her and acceptance as she later reported, she became born again. Yay!!! God!!!! That night, after we went back to hotel, she and I talked for another 30 minutes or so, and she received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and said that she now thought she could forgive the one who had been unforgivable before. Hallelujah! On a personal note, I believe that the Lord let Hanny see people fall one after the other so His power could be made more evident to her and more real. I think He orchestrated her salvation by showing her His power when we surrender because without a translator there were not many words spoken or needed before they went down under the power. Cool!!!

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