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South Korea – Lower Back Pain and a Family Burden

A pastor’s wife came forward for prayer for lower back pain. I commanded the pain in her back to leave. She received a 50% healing immediately, and her back improved 90% after a second prayer. I sensed the back pain had something to do with a burden she was carrying so I asked her about this. She reported that she is the eldest daughter of several children, and her parents have become more dependent on her lately. She had to take care of everyone in her family as well as partnering with her husband in pastoring their church. I asked her to put each burden one by one into “a box” and place the box at the feet of Jesus.

She did so, and she was released from the feelings of responsibility and overwhelming stress and she wept and wept and wept. I counseled her that God is a good father, and He will take care of her family members and the congregation. She is refreshed and released from the lie that she is “the Savior” because they already have one who is better equipped to carry them—Jesus! We celebrated this release, and she reported her back was 100% healed. Praise the Lord!

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