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South Korea – Sore Throat, Broken Heart, Emotional Pain

I got two things I thought were from God. First a sore throat which was felt in my throat, then second an impression of a broken heart or real emotional pain. I have never trusted impressions before so this was really different for me.Late last night I kept score on which was more accurate; three of each. One lady came forward with both conditions; a sore throat & unfaithful partner. We prayed first for the throat and this was healed. Then (because the emotional impression came after the throat) we prayed for healing forgiveness and that God would bring partner closer to himself & convict partner of sin/guilt. I also prayed that God’s spirit would fill this lady’s heart & refresh and renew it and that God’s peace could rest on her all night. My interpreter did a wonderful job making sure we both understood each other. God is good!The lady I prayed for last night just came up to me. She had both conditions and she wanted me to know that she feels so blessed & relieved of her pain & fear and doubts. She just could not stop smiling.

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