Spirit of Affliction Gets Kicked Out for Good

There was an elderly man who asked for prayer for pain. He had fierce pain down the left side of his hip, running down to his knee. He couldn’t remember how he got it and it was about 10 years ago. I asked in the Name of Jesus, please heal and totally take away his fierce pain shooting down his left leg. I interviewed him again and it was the same. So I did a commanding prayer twice. Upon re-interviewing, the pain had totally gone in his left leg, but both feet had the fierce pain now- it moved! I knew what to do. “Ok, now in the mighty name of Jesus we commanded the spirit of affliction to leave now!” Praise the Lord, it did! Then I ministered to him on how to keep his healing and pray with “God’s Word” rebuking the enemy from coming back. Then we praised Jesus and Holy Spirit for healing him.

Vicki H, Self Employed

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