Taiwan – Pain from Scoliosis Healed

We had just prayed for a lady with scoliosis (3years). We (the team) prayed and asked her to check her back, she felt about 50% healed. We had to pray a couple of times, each time she felt better, until she was finally able to bend and move without any pain at all and all the burning in her legs were gone – totally healed.

Immediately after this, came another lady also with scoliosis (5 yrs) . Again we prayed and asked her to check her back – no improvement. We prayed a few more times and asked her to check out her back each time, but there was no improvement at all. At that point I felt led to ask God for a new spine. Afer all, many have seen or heard of the ‘parts’ room in Heaven. So in faith,  I just reached into the glory realm and pulled out a new spine and placed it into her back. We asked God to align it. Then we asked her to check her back again. She did and… This time, she could move without pain, the burning in her hands was gone and the stomach was not hurting either.. She was totally healed. Hallelujah! ~Aney

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