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Taiwan – Middle Finger Receives full Mobility

We prayed with a lady who had been in an accident 18 months ago. She had largely recovered but had been left with a pain in her right shoulder and a weakness in the middle finger of her left hand. This finger didn’t move in coordination with the rest of her hand. It would be left clenching when she opened the rest of her hand up or left sticking up when she closed the rest of the hand. When this happened, she would have to adjust it with her other hand. 

We prayed for her and she felt a shooting heat which started in her right shoulder and moved across the top of her back and down her left arm. The pain left her shoulder and her finger was re-connected to the movement pattern of the rest of her hand. It happened straight away as we started to pray. She was overjoyed and kept clenching and opening her hand in delight. PTL. ~Sue
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