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Taiwan – Severe Asthma Healed

Wendy and I had the privilege to minister to 12 years old, Phoebe, who is a fiery young girl who belonged to an Australian family who has served seven years as missionaries to Taiwan. Phoebe came to the prayer area alone while her brother and sister remained in the seating area, a testimony to her braveness and independent spirit.

She presented with the symptoms of asthma, a harsh cough and great difficulty breathing for the last four years. This began after returning from furlough to Taiwan. She further described headaches and dizziness and an appendicitis attack. We discerned that year Phoebe had been targeted by the enemy and broke curses off of her and began praying that the holy spirits breath of life and peace enter her, as well as commanding her lungs to be healed in Jesus’ name. After a bit Phoebe began coughing violently and spitting up phlegm and when this episode ceased she began taking deep breaths. Her eyes shone as she said “I can breathe deeply.”

Her excitement was so contagious and blessed Wendy and I mightily. After some additional healing prayer, we proclaimed blessings over her calling her into God’s destiny. Phoebe was very willing to give her testimony and was hoping she would be chosen to share it on stage which it is. Wendy and I were blessed to sit beside her during Randy’s teaching and watch her clap gleefully as each story of healing was told. Jodi prayed specifically that morning to have the privilege to pray for a child. ~Wendy and Jodi

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