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Taiwan – Receives Salvation and Walks

Victoria and I knelt down in front of a little old Buddhist woman in a wheelchair. We just looked into her brown eyes. Before we said anything she asked. “What is that in your eyes?” We replied, “the love of Jesus.” She said, “I like it.” We asked her if she would like more of it, she said, “yes.” We told her it comes from knowing Jesus and asked would you like to ask Jesus in your heart so you and have more of that love. 

She said yes, so we led her into the kingdom. Then I asked her if she was ready to walk out of that wheelchair. She said yes. We commanded her les to work in God’s perfect will. She sprang up out of the chair and stood on the floor. We commanded strength in her legs and she started walking on small step and took a walk around the auditorium.  ~Sharon
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