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Taiwan – Man with Multiple Problems

A man with multiple problems asked us to pray for healing of high blood pressure, breathing problems, arthritis in his legs, an enlarged heart and liver problems. After several rounds of prayer for relief from the arthritis pain, he was able to stand up from his wheelchair and take a few steps, but the pain did not completely disappear. When we moved to his lungs, I placed one hand on his back and the other over his heart. As soon as I placed my hand on his back, I felt bubbling and then I sensed waves of water flowing across his back. After we prayed, he said that he had been profusely coughing for a while before he came into the arena, but now this was gone. He had had difficulty breathing, but now was breathing much easier. He took deep breaths to show us. He was so happy that he took my hand and placed it over his liver, and we prayed again.

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