Taiwan – The Woman in Black Hair

A woman with long black hair sat with her head completely down and would not look at us. Her sister said she had a demon, and the woman confirmed it. She seemed very, very depressed and also said she had pain when she went to the bathroom (urinary tract infection?). Our team asked if she knew Jesus, and she said she did. She was able to name the idols she has worshipped, and we led her through a repentance prayer with her speaking every idol. We then took authority over those demons and commanded them to come out. The woman began to cough and continued coughing for about 10 minutes. Because she was not manifesting, we were told not to take her to the deliverance room. We continued to pray the Father’s goodness and blessed her with filling for some time. We then spoke to the urinary tract infection and commanded to release the poison causing pain and difficulty in urination. Finally the woman said she felt peace. Throughout the prayer time, she slowly raised her face to look at the team. We looked into her eyes, and the Taiwanese pastor who was serving as interpreter felt there was possibly one more demon, but since our prayer time was up, we could not continue. We explained to her that she was to continue to thank Jesus and declare, “Jesus, You are Lord” throughout the evening and the next day. Once she was completely free she was to always give praise to Jesus. Her countenance had changed dramatically. Hallelujah!

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