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Teenager with Malaria Totally Healed after Worship & Prayer

We had gone for a home visit with a Mozambique family. At the end of the day one of the mamas with us mentioned she had a sick daughter at home. We asked if we could go pray for her.

Margaret was about 16 years old and was very sick with malaria. She had been sick for almost two weeks and did not look well. She was lying in bed and could barely move. We started to pray and worship over her. We got a word for her that she was a gifted singer and the Lord was going to use her voice for his glory! We kept praying and she felt a little better. We prayed again and she wanted to try sitting up. We prayed one more time and gave her some water. She stood up and walked around! She said she was 100% better. When we left we were all praising Jesus and she was up and about! – Elise, Missionary
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