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The Healed Heal: 3 in 1 Ministry

Charity Cook taught the congregation on the 5 point healing process and encouraged the Brazilian congregation to use it to pray for the people requesting prayer. As part of the Global Awakening team, I had the privilege to pray for Roberto who was injured in a car accident 8 years ago. Instead of just praying, I felt that I should take someone with me so this person could learn from what God was going to do. Neither the interpreter, nor the lady that I had fetched, had ever seen God heal someone as they prayed. Roberto often prayed for others and saw Jesus heal people. We interviewed Roberto and learned he had received inner healing for anxiety before anyone prayed. The two ladies confessed they were suffering from anxiety as they were trusting God to become pregnant. They asked that I pray for them, but I said Roberto would since he had just experienced that healing. I asked my “student” to pray for Roberto after reviewing the first few steps. She confessed she still didn’t know how to do that. Roberto had a great idea: what if he now prayed for them as an example of how to pray. The ladies were visibly moved by the presence of Holy Spirit and my “student” said that if I return next year, she will introduce me to her baby boy. “Student” prayed for Roberto. Immediately there was about 50% improvement in his movement and 80% release of pain. She prayed again and the movement had gone to 75%. I led her to give Roberto some post-prayer encouragement before reminding her and the interpreter that they have been commissioned by Jesus and that these signs will follow them as believers, so they should step out boldly in this new adventure. –  Hennie, Sales

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