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Leif Hetland

The Provision of the Lamb

“Be aware of the Lamb’s nature within you.” Jesus will guide you through the valley to the mountain top to the valley once again. He will lead you through battle into victory, passing through the pain of Good Friday before the joy of Resurrection Sunday.

In this portion of Leif Hetland’s recent message at Voice of the Apostles, he describes several “memorial stones” in his life: experiences which Jesus gave to him to remind him of who God is. We each need to look for our own memorial stones with God. The Lamb of God will be faithful to reveal His nature to us if we are looking.

Father, help us see the joy in your face when you look at us. You love us just the way we are but you love us too much to leave us where we are. Lead us forward into risk and into situations where Your presence will point the way.

Somehow when we are with Him we become greater than we are. He is all we need. Truly all we need. So we press in today to the provision of the Lamb for us:

  • His Presence
  • His Peace
  • His Provision
  • His Purpose
  • His Passion
  • His Power
  • His Perspective

We don’t have a darkness problem in the world. We don’t have enough light. We are to represent the same Father that Jesus represented so the world can know the same Father that we know in Jesus. Let’s choose to see the gold amidst the trash. Let’s say what the Father is saying, to bring life, to point out the gold in people. Let’s be aware of the presence of the Lamb in us, be aware of our tears, and be moved by His love.

P.S. I don’t know about you, but I was in tears the entire time I watched this. There’s such a thick anointing on it; such a tangible presence of Jesus that I wanted to make this available for everyone to watch. If you’re stirred by it, you can see Leif in person at our upcoming conference Kingdom Foundations or watch the rest of this message along with others from Leif through Global On Demand.

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