Tormenting Spirits Replaced With Love, Joy & Peace

I had given a word of knowledge for nightmares that were keeping someone up at night with a lot of fear. A lady came up for prayer for this. The Lord showed me that she was sexually abused by her father.

She started crying and told me it was true and that her mother was jealous of her. She had had anorexia nervosa but no longer struggled with it. I started praying off the spirit of rejection, and she started to vomit. I commanded the spirit to come out, and she calmed down. I also commanded the spirit of death to come out in the name of Jesus. I commanded all tormenting spirits to come out in Jesus’ name. As I hugged her firmly, I asked God to fill her with His love, peace and joy. I could feel her bobbing, but she resisted. I encouraged her to submit to God and receive everything He had for her. After holding her for a long time and asking God to fill her with His love, peace and joy, I watched her fall out in the Spirit. She lay peacefully for about 10 minutes. When she sat up, she told me she had never felt so much love, peace and joy. She felt free

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