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I brought my future daughter in law this weekend. She is Catholic in her mind but non practicing. We ran into a girl I know who is her age that went to Brazil with Randy recently. The girl is now going to your online school. I think she really wet my girls appetite. My girl now wants to take a trip with GA.

Soon after I remembered last year I changed the contract on my cell for her to Proverbs 22:6. I realized at that moment that prophecy had just fully unfolded in front of my eyes. God is a true daddy. So beautiful the gifts he gives. I have experienced so much healing due to the words spoken to me by David Wagner at the event previous to this one. I am feeling real joy for the first time in my life. Feeling my own self worth. Something Bob said this time I feel is seed that is going to take deep root as it’s tree grows. He said the word he heard it’s always him and always God. And it is so true. So simple. Stronghold thrown down right there. –Anna

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