Discover a new life.

For youth ages 14–29: find out who you are and what God can do through you through a trip like no other.

For youth, ages 14–29 who are asking, “What can God do in me? What can He do through me? Who am I made to be, and what can my life look like?”

Recife', Brazil | June 23 – July 6, 2020

God is moving in amazing ways around the world, and year after year we see youth on our trips become ignited by the fires of genuine revival, we see them become grounded in knowing what God says about them and what is possible for their lives.

Youth Power Invasion is an opportunity like no other for young adults ages 14–29 to be trained and released into ministry. This is not your typical short-term missions trip; it is a jump start into a life of miracles, a launch into seeing the world through new eyes, and a deep-dive into the fullness of what Jesus purchased for His people.

How the trip is structured

June 25 – July 8, 2019 | Belém, Brazil | Hosted and led by Global Awakening | Trip leaders: Randy Clark, Tom Jones, Blaine Cook, Kim Maas, Justin Allen.

In Phase 1, the trip leaders will train the youth team members to pray for the sick, to receive words of knowledge from the Holy Spirit, to prophesy, to intercede, to preach, and to teach. In Phase 2, ministry teams accompany the youth to lead church services throughout the city. For those over 29 years old, we invite you to bring your youth and be a team leader. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to be transformed by the power and love of God and build lifelong friendships.


“What shakes me inside is this; with everything that I experienced, saw, and got to take part in, I have only just found the door knob on a door that is waiting to be opened! I have only just found my seat at the banquet table. I was only catching the smell of the foods that God wants to place in front of me, and my hunger has never been stronger! What is mind blowing is that as life changing and eye opening as this trip was, it was just sticking my toe in His ocean!”

“Jesus did more in my life in these two weeks than I could have imagined. This trip empowered me to grow in the Lord and minister the power of Jesus wherever I go.”

Trip Leaders

photograph of Dr. Randy Clark
Dr. Randy Clark
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Dr. Randy Clark

Randy travels the world demonstrating the Lord's sovereign power to heal. He also has gifting for teaching and education, and is the founder of Global Awakening. Randy has over thirty years of pastoral experience, and his message is clear and simple: "God wants to use you."

Randy’s Itinerary

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photograph of Dr. Tom Jones
Dr. Tom Jones
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Dr. Tom Jones

As a small boy, Tom Jones attended a camp meeting service, where his grandfather lifted him high to see the Glory Cloud hovering over the crowds. In that moment, a passion to press into the heart of God and pursue revival was lit. Like his grandfather before him, Tom provokes people to lift up their eyes and encounter the presence of God, blessing and releasing them to passionately pursue their destiny.

Tom’s Itinerary

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photograph of Justin Allen
Justin Allen
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Justin Allen

As a Global Awakening associate evangelist, Justin Allen is a regular speaker at our events and is available for traveling ministry. He is a graduate of the Global Awakening School of Supernatural Ministry and has served on our Events staff as well. Before moving to Pennsylvania, Justin and his wife Amanda founded Perpetual Springs Ministries. Husband, father, and lover of the Godhead he ministers with a heavy prophetic edge through teaching, training, and equipping the body of Christ to hear the voice of God and release the kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

Justin’s Itinerary

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photograph of Kim Maas
Dr. Kim Maas
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Dr. Kim Maas

An author, speaker, and mentor, Kim also has a strong prophetic gift for calling out destiny in people’s lives. Kim is a regular speaker at our conferences as well as a favorite international trip speaker.

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photograph of Blaine Cook
Blaine Cook
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Blaine Cook

Blaine was one of John Wimber’s close associates and continues to carry a strong anointing for impartation and healing. Randy Clark recounts that Blaine’s ministry was a crucial part of kick-starting Global Awakening. It’s always a pleasure and honor to have Blaine join the leadership of an international trip.

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YPI Resources

Promo Packet

This promo packet is for Pastor's and Youth Leaders who are interested in promoting YPI at their church. The packet will include YPI merchandise, a promo DVD and save the date postcards.

Sample Support Letter

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The trip cost includes airline tickets for US travelers to and from Brazil, all in-country food, lodging, basic travel insurance, and transportation.

  • Power price (save $200): Register by March 27. Pay by April 24.
  • Early bird (save $100): Register and pay by April 24.
  • Regular price: Register and pay by May 20. Total regular price @ $2,999 for US travelers.