Two Ladies Completely Healed

A woman came up for prayer. She had pain level 8 in her upper back and neck and stomach – all level 8 pain. We prayed and asked Holy Spirit to come and heal her and commanded the pain to go in Jesus’ name. After prayer the first time, pain went down to a level 4, so we prayed again after thanking God for the decrease in pain. The second time that we prayed all the pain disappeared. We praised God. She then came back with this lady with pain in her back and down her left leg. I had received a word of knowledge for “right leg.” This lady had pain in her lower back and down her left leg. Her lower back was pain level 8, and the leg was pain level 4. After we prayed she said her pain level was now a 4 instead of 8. The Lord put it on my heart to ask if one of her legs was longer than the other. We had her sit down and all the way back. I had her lift her legs, and I held her feet. Her left leg was approximately half an inch longer than her right, so I ask the Lord to grow out the shorter leg and make them even. I spoke to the leg and commanded it to grow, and little by little I could feel and see with my eyes (and there was a witness watching) her shorter leg grow out right in my hands until both legs were the same length. After that I asked her to stand and see how her pain was and if there was any change. She said that the pain in her lower back, hip, and leg was done, so we gave praise to God and were filled with joy because of the healing.      – Elizabeth, Dental Hygienist

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