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Two Men Have Injuries to Left Foot & Ankle Healed

My word of knowledge this evening was pain in the left ankle and foot. Two young men came for prayer. First, George, 26, had injured his ankle two months earlier, playing soccer. I had him sit and remove his shoe. I placed my hand on his ankle and foot and commanded the pain to leave in Jesus’ name. George said it improved by 50 % when he tested the ankle. I had him sit again and prayed a second time, placing my hand on the ankle and foot. I prayed that all inflammation and pain leave, returning his ankle and foot to normal function in Jesus’ name. George got up all smiles and tested the ankle by walking around. He said it was totally healed and we praised Jesus!

The second person with pain in his left ankle and foot was Washington, 31. (I made sure I understood that his first name was Washington, as in George Washington. I smiled, given the first man’s name was George. (What a sense of humor the Lord has!) Washington told me his Achilles tendon had been injured and painful for more than three years. He said the pain was interfering with his ability to do his job, which required him to be on his feet most of the time. I had Washington sit and remove his shoe and sock. I touched his foot in the area of the Achilles tendon and prayed for the Holy Spirit to restore it and remove the pain in Jesus’ name. He tested the foot and said he heard “clicking” which brings pain with it. So, I prayed again, commanding the Achilles tendon to be healed and all inflammation to leave now, in Jesus’ name. Washington reported feeling heat and 60% improvement after testing his foot and ankle. I praised Jesus for what He already had done and asked Him to complete what He started in the healing of the    Achilles tendon and foot. I commanded all inflammation to go, that all tendons, ligaments, muscles, and nerves be restored to proper function in Jesus’ name. This time, I told Washington to put his sock and shoe     on and walk around to test the foot. He was so happy, saying he was totally healed and we praised Jesus! What a wonderful and mighty God we have with a great sense of humor! Jesus healed George and then Washington completely of their painful ankle and foot conditions, one after the other! Praise Jesus! – Stephanie Homemaker, Prayer Leader

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