Van Driver Healed and Saved!

So far, the healings which I have witnessed could probably be counted on one hand. None of them were quite so as exciting as what happened today though. As we were loading the van to go home, the driver asked what was going on in there.

I told him that it was a conference and that we were seeing a lot of healings. He commented that he should have been in there. I asked him why and he told me that he had a severely dislocated shoulder. I told him he didn’t need to be in there to get healed. He could be healed on the way home and that Jesus would do that. He said that would make a believer out of him.

I asked him how he hurt his shoulder. He told me that he had been playing soccer with his two kids. He slipped and fell severely damaging it. He was most worried because the doctors told him that he was going to have to have surgery, scheduling it for June 8th. They told him that he would be off of work for 6 to 8 weeks. This was a problem for him because he would not get paid while he was off. He was self-employed and was quite disheartened about the situation. 

I prayed once. It appeared that anything happened. I asked him if he noticed any difference and he shrugged and kind of intimated a yes. I told him not to say just what he thought. I wanted to hear me the truth. Then he said there was no change. So I said not to worry. We would pray again and introduced the rest of the team, who had just gotten into the van, to Amrit. I told them he had a badly dislocated shoulder that needed to be healed.

We prayed again commanding the shoulder to be healed and spoke to the condition. We spoke out the verse that said how a good father knows how to give good gifts to his children. (It was apparent that Amrit was a good father.) When we came to a red light, I asked Amrit to try it again. This time he had a look of surprise on his face and said that it had improved 50 percent or so. We were all built up in our faith at this point and continued to pray. You could see that his faith had increased. When we had finished praying again I told him to test it out by moving it about before we reached another red light. He rotated his shoulder again. This time there was an even more amazed look on his face as he said, “This is amazing! It’s completely better.” 

We shared Jesus with him. When we pulled up to the hotel he was so engrossed in our conversation that a tram had pulled up behind us and started honking its horn because we were blocking its path. At first he completely ignored it but then pulled up onto the sidewalk so that we could finish our conversation. Amrit listened to the explanation of the gospel and then I asked him whether he would like to receive Christ. I thought that his answer was no, but I wasn’t sure. He had told me that what I had shared was exactly what was going on in his life. He had prayed at his Sikh temple earlier in the day to ask why the injury had happened. He also explained that there was a story recently from one of their prophets about a man who had given his life for a village and he had been struck with the reality of the grace in that sacrifice. He said to me, “This may sound strange but I can feel the hairs on the back of my head standing on end.”  I explained what was happening and prayed for him to be filled with the Holy Spirit. When I left him, I felt certain that he had met Jesus.

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