A Word of Knowledge for Diabetes

Tonight at a meeting in Belo Horizonte I felt to call out Diabetes. A woman came who had diabetes. I didn’t have an interpreter to ask for many details, but was able to ask her what she was feeling after I had prayed a little while. I could see the anointing on her. She indicated that she was feeling something happening. I prayed some more and at the end I asked her again how she was feeling, and she indicated that her vision had become totally clear. She will need medical test to verify the rest of her healing, but thank You Jesus for the healing that was evident in the moment.

Another person came who had diabetes as well. By this time a young man who had just had his back healed in the service came to help translate for me. The man had no symptoms in the moment that we could verify healing, other than sweats, but after I prayed for a while my young translator said that he felt burning in his stomach. I asked him if he had stomach issues and he said ‘no’. So I asked the man we were praying for and he said that he gets burning in his stomach. So I looked at the young translator and said, “You just got the word of knowledge, so would you like to pray?” He did and the pain left the man! Again, the man we prayed for would need to have medical tests to verify the healing of diabetes, but he was shaking under the power of God for quite some time. At the end of praying for another 4 or 5 people, Jonathan, the young man translating, shared how excited he was to be able to do this with us this evening. He said he had been prayed over some time ago about having a healing anointing on his life. And he was so excited that he even had the ability to stand with me the entire time, because his back had been healed at the beginning of the evening. He said he would never have been able to do that before.

Lisa O, Building Inspector

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