Witchcraft Uncovered, Healing of Stiff Joints Comes!

I was traversing the church when one of my team members grabbed me by the elbow. She said I needed to stand in for her to pray over a young woman because she was feeling sick.

This took place during ministry time. The woman receiving prayer suffered from a condition that made all her joints stiff and painful, especially in her neck. She said the condition also made her confused at times while she spoke. I prayed first over the condition. There was very little improvement after commanding the pain and stiffness to leave. I decided to pursue the notion of an unclean spirit being present. Through an interpreter I asked if she or anyone is her family was involved in witchcraft. She said no, but her husband standing nearby said yes. It turned out her brother was involved in witchcraft. I guided her through a prayer renouncing her brother’s witchcraft and then broke off any spirits of infirmity or witchcraft. The young woman immediately improved. From there I felt a nudge from Holy Spirit to have the woman’s husband and child lay hands on her. I prayed again, asking for God’s love to fill her. After the prayer she moved her neck about and exclaimed that she hadn’t had movement in her neck this good in years! Praise Jesus! – Greg
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