Hurting Woman Gets Transformed by Prayer and Forgiveness

The Global Awakening team at Iris Ministries in Pemba Mozambique went out to the “bush bush” on a three day outreach mission to the village of Namanhumbir. On the second day in the village, we went door to door in the afternoon, offering to pray for the sick. Villagers led us to the home of a woman, about 60 years of age, who was in great pain. She had debilitating pain and could not even stand. She had extremely thin legs and had pain in her stomach. The team prayed for her and shared encouraging words from God for her.

She was able to stand up. Then, after she forgave her husband who had abandoned her, she was able to walk, and then dance. She renounced her connection with a witch doctor she had visited for her pain and recommitted her life to serving God only. Her stomach pain was gone and we blessed her and her home. When we saw her last, she was standing and was hard at work, happy and smiling, carrying a hoe to her garden.


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