Woman Crippled by Stroke Healed & Given New “’Pep’ in Her Step”!

During The Awakening Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, our team had the honor of serving in their healing room during the 5pm – 7pm break. On Friday evening, Linda and I sat across from a lady in her late 60’s who had a look of despair and hopelessness. We asked several questions to find out what she would like prayer for.

She began sharing with us that she had very little family, and due to some circumstances she was forced to move in to a nursing home. She was depressed, angry and very sad. She did not understand all the reasoning for her being in the home and did not like it there. She did share with us one of the reasons she was there was due to a stroke she had in the past.  It had left her left side paralyzed from the waist down and she could not bend her leg at all. She was in pain all the time. She had to use a cane in order to walk. We first commanded the spirits of trauma, depression, and hopelessness to go in the name of Jesus, never to return. We then commanded the pain to leave her leg and commanded the paralysis to go in the name of Jesus. We commanded the leg to function as it was created to function, commanded total restoration and wholeness and commanded flexibility to be restored. We then asked her what she was feeling. She said she was feeling heat and tingling. We asked her to get up and walk around the room. Immediately, she just took off, began walking like normal and doing knee bends! She was so excited! We then spoke into her to encourage her that she was placed in that home to be a light to others and that she would restore joy in to those who were sad and hopeless. We imparted and filled her with the joy of the Lord for her to release to others. She walked out of the healing room with her cane over her head and a new “pep” in her step! Yay Jesus! – Kam

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