Woman Healed of Pelvic Floor Pain!

I was sure I had a word of knowledge for the evening meeting since it had been confirmed several times. I was relaxed when the team came forward, but then I get this incredible pain in the pelvic floor,

I don’t mean a flash of pain. It was so intense that I thought I was going to pass out, and I sat down momentarily. Even after I gave the word of knowledge for intense pain in the pelvic floor, I was still in pain! I’m asking “Lord, what’s going on?” When people were released to come forward for prayer, most of the line was made up of women. The pain now released until the first woman told the interpreter she had pain in the pelvic floor. I commanded the spirit of pain to leave her in the Name of Jesus. The pain left both of us at the same time! She was instantly healed. We gave Daddy His glory. – Ruth

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