Woman Jumps Joyfully as Arthritis in Right Knee, Shoulder & Toe Healed

Another woman with arthritis especially in the right knee, shoulder and toe came for prayer. In addition, she had poor vision (about 30%) due to illness. The doctors had said that she was at risk of losing her sight completely. She also regularly suffered from headaches. I initially asked the Holy Spirit should come and waited in silence. She very quickly began to shake. I asked God to increase what He did, and she also began to move up and down with her body. 

After the prayer, I asked how she felt, and with bright eyes full of joy she told me that it was gone. She jumped up and down several times to show that she was healed and thanked God with joyful tears. I also asked about her eyes and I got the impression that she felt something had happened. She will go to the doctor and have him examine her eyes and return to Global Mission so that we know if the eyes were healed too.

Finally, I prayed that the Spirit would fill her, and she fell over and lay on the floor for a while. – Torsten


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