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Woman’s Neck, Hip & Back Healed & Leg Grows out

In the Copenhagen church, Maryann came for prayer in response to a word of knowledge for neck pain. As I interviewed her I also learned there was pain in her hips and lower back. 

It did not seem to be related to any postural issue. I prayed for her neck, commanding her vertebrae to submit to the authority of Jesus and be healed. I sensed the Lord telling me to pray for her hips and continued to pray commanding restoration to her spine. I felt something shift in her hips. She then informed me that she wore a lift in her shoes because one leg was shorter than the other. I had her sit down and hold her feet out in front of her. I felt movement as I commanded the shorter leg to grow and be equal in length. I wasn’t sure if she was moving it or if it was growing. She said she was not doing it but Holy Spirit was! – Linda, retired RN,

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