Woman with Deviated Septum Gets Healed

Sonya, age 55, had a deviated septum in her nose. While she watched a video of a girl be healed of cerebral palsy, get out of her wheelchair and run around, she felt something in her nose suddenly. She described it almost as a “pop.” After the video those with faith to be healed were invited to stand and she did. When I first saw her, she was standing in the congregation with her hands in a receiving posture, crying. I laid hands on her and asked the Holy Spirit to come and pour out more on her. She fell out in the Spirit and was shaking all over and crying. We laid her on the chairs where she had been standing, and when she was able to speak, she told us she was feeling fire all over her body but particularly in her face. Then she told us what she needed healing for (her nose) and what had already happened. She reported being 80% better. I prayed three more times for her complete healing, and then she reported that she was 100% better and could breathe clearly again. 

Kathryn, Attorney

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