Woman with Lower Back Pain Healed!

In the early session a woman with lower back pain on her right side came for prayer. She said she had been at work and suddenly felt “paralyzed”, presumably from what contributed to her lower back pain. 

We prayed for her and commanded the pain to go in the name of Jesus. I asked for more power, and she began to shake as we asked Holy Spirit to come. We stopped to ask her what she was experiencing. She said she felt Holy Spirit moving through her body and her pain was 80% gone. We asked her to walk around and after doing that, she felt fully healed of her pain. We hugged for quite a while after praying and I asked Father God for Holy Spirit to give her more peace and joy which blessed her. In the evening service she gave testimony on stage of also having her knees sovereignly healed! Praise God! – Gabrielle
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