Word of Encouragement Brings Emotional Healing

A young guy got blessed when I prayed for impartation. I felt God giving a word, so I told him that the Holy Spirit had me to tell him that God his Father loves him very, very much. I spoke of his Heavenly Father’s love toward him. He started crying.

I met him the next day at Calvary church. He works there full time. He said that his has been living in England for many years and spoke to him occasionally over the phone. His mother hated him and told him she wished he was never born. She told him he would never amount to anything. He said that there was a darkness inside him because he was yearning for love. He said that the word given to him changed his life completely. He said it was the happiest day of his life and that he could never ever forget this day. He said that I am now his spiritual mother. He said he had no words to describe the joy and amazement with what God has done.

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