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Word of knowledge for Purple and Pinocchio

Here is a video link for evidence of this cool story!

Words of knowledge are not a new concept to me, however there is room to grow and this was an enormous faith builder!

* On the 27th I was part of the intercessory prayer team during the sermon. Our group had decided to stay in the back of the auditorium. As we were praying for Randy, I was also listening and feeling for a word of knowledge. I thought I might have a pain in the back of my left knee, but it wasn’t very sharp and so I was asking God for something more specific. Maybe half-way through the sermon I had a quiet thought and a slight mental image. The thought was “purple” and the image was a vague picture of the Disney cartoon character Pinocchio.

My first thought was “What? That can’t be”. As I kept praying in the Spirit, the “purple” part of the word grew stronger. God highlighted purple clothing in the audience, and I knew “purple” was at least part of what I was supposed to share; however, I still struggled with “Pinocchio”!

Part of what bothered me was that I had recently seen reference to the “Pinocchio counter” in relation to the US elections. I wondered if my mind had just wondered back to that thought. However I had never seen a picture of a Pinocchio in that context, and the impression I received was specifically a “Pinocchio nose”. I wondered if it could be the round tube-like object that God was trying to communicate to me. I thought, “Maybe I should say purple pipe/tube”, but I still couldn’t get settled on that. I decided the best thing was just to say at the mic was that the word was “purple” and had something to do with Pinocchio.

Immediately after Randy released the crowd a woman walked up and asked through the interpreter if I was the one who gave the word purple and Pinocchio. She went on to explain that purple was her favorite color and that she had used it at her wedding. Her husband wanted a divorce so that was her first request. But the thing that grew enormous faith for the situation was when she said that the Pinocchio word also was for her. The day before, she had thrown away a small Pinocchio lapel pin that had been given to her by an aunt who was involved in the occult. So God confirmed without question that He wanted to touch her situation!

We rebuked demonic influence in her life and in the life of her husband. There were curses involved from his former spouse so we took authority over those curses. We also rebuked the spirits blinding her husband and asked for the conviction of the Holy Spirit in his life. We thanked God for drawing him into relationship with Him.

This was a big faith builder and was the first step in a prayer session during which God showed His Presence in a special way! – Christopher Barth

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