Word of Knowledge Leads to Healing in a Young Man’s Wrist

I had never given a word of knowledge before. We were asked on the stage with Randy Clark and I knew he was about to call up our team. I asked Holy Spirit for a word. I had the slightest thought of a right hand being injured by a heavy weight or a wheel. I asked God if it was a man or a woman and felt like it was a man. Randy called us up a few moments later and I shared the word. No one stood up and I thought I had missed it. However, the second person who came to pray with me was a young man in his late twenties named Bruno. He said, “I am the one you spoke about.” He showed me his right hand with a scar on his wrist. They had already removed a metal plate from his wrist but he had only 50% range of motion. I smiled at him and said, “Well, glory to God. Tonight’s your night!” I prayed once and commanded full range of motion and healing to muscles. We checked and it was getting better and he felt heat in his wrist. We prayed again and commanded release of scar tissue and full motion and pain to go. We blessed what God was doing. He bent his wrist all the way! His smile said it all! Glory to God! All the glory!

Susan, Mother

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