Young Couple Injured in Falling Accident is Pain Free After Prayer

A young lady had level 7 back pain from a falling accident. Her pain was decreasing one number at a time prayer after prayer. Then we hit a plateau. A woman from our team joined us in prayer for a moment. Pain reduction resumed. After a total of about 10 minutes of prayer, she was able to bend her back in all directions, touch the ground, and jump up and down without any pain. Thank you, Jesus!   A young man had level 8 back pain from the same falling accident as the young lady we just prayed for. Through prayer his pain was decreasing one increment at a time. After about 1 minute of prayer he could bend his back in all directions and touch the floor without pain. I asked him to jump up and down. When he did that, he had level 2 back pain. I led his girlfriend in a short statement of healing in Jesus’ name for him. He could then jump up and down without any pain. Thank you, Jesus! (This couple was recorded by John for video testimony.)    

– Paul, Truck Driver

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