Young Man’s Broken Leg Gets Healed

My sister approached me and asked me to pray for a young man by the name of Hugo. He needed prayer for his broken leg and ankle on his right side. I asked him if there was any feeling. He said yes. There was metal holding his ankle and leg together, and it was very painful for him to walk and stand. I bent over and held his right ankle in my hand and started to pray. I analyzed the leg and realized all the scars on his leg and ankle. I started to pray again and realized the leg was no longer stiff as a brick, but warmth began to fill the leg and the tissue softened up. I stopped praying and asked him if there was any feeling in the leg and ankle, and he said yes. He could feel his ankle, and there was no longer any pain. We praised God as the young man began to do the things he could not do before.

Mary, Retired

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