The Youth Awakened program is filled with amazing opportunities in ministry and fellowship. Youth will receive hands-on ministry training, powerful teachings, impartation, and opportunities to walk out their faith on the streets of Oklahoma City.

Youth will have an authentic encounter with God while growing in boldness and learning about their authority in Christ.

Youth Awakened meets every morning for worship, speaker messages/ministry, and games. In the afternoon they will go on excursions which include a power evangelism scavenger hunt, an afternoon at a waterpark (white-water rafting, lazy river, paddleboarding, etc.), and team-building games. At night, the youth will meet together for youth sessions.

  • Youth must be entering 6th grade and have just completed 12th at the time of the conference in order to participate in this optional program.
  • We are unable to offer any translation options for Youth Awakened, so all children participating must understand English.
  • Unfortunately, we do not have the staffing to accommodate youth with special needs at this time.
  • There will be no Youth Awakened registrations on site. Youth registration closes on July 25th. 


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2022 Speakers

Dr. Randy Clark

Global Awakening

Randy travels the world demonstrating the Lord’s sovereign power to heal. He also has gifting for teaching and education, and is the founder of Global Awakening. Randy has over thirty years of pastoral experience, and his message is clear and simple: “God wants to use you.”

Sean & Christa Smith

Sean and Christa Smith Ministries

Sean and Christa are a husband and wife preaching team that often minister in tandem. Sean & Christa share a passion for seeing God unleashed across the nations and across the generations. Whether it is through revelatory preaching, prophetic ministry, evangelistic outreach, or moving in signs and wonders, Sean & Christa have invested their lives for the gospel.  They have experienced incredible moves of God throughout this nation and abroad.  They are both impassionated for the harvest and revival, which often places them in diverse settings, but always dependent on God’s Presence to show up and show off.  Sean & Christa currently reside in the greater San Francisco Bay Area where they travel full time as Itinerant Ministers. 

"Part of having the heart of God is having His eyes. He sees people as what they could be, not what they are." - Sean Smith

Will Hart

CEO of Iris Global

In 1999 Will walked into the basement of a church not knowing why he was there. That night the Holy Spirit reached out and grabbed him by the heart and he was never the same. Since then Will and his wife Musy have traveled and ministered with Bob Bradbury, Randy Clark, and Rolland and Heidi Baker. Will's call is to take the simplicity of the gospel and the power of the Holy Spirit wherever he goes.

In 2016, Heidi & Rolland Baker asked Will to take over as Iris Global's Chief Operating Officer. Now, in addition to traveling the globe speaking as an itinerant, he operationally runs Iris Global.

"He isn't looking for you, he is looking for all of you. Even in the moment of the biggest blessing of your life, he wants all of you." - Will Hart 

Ethan & Melia Grant

Youth Awakened Program Leaders

Ethan and Melia are the student pastors of New Life City Church in Albuquerque, NM. They work directly under pastor Paul Martini, former evangelist with Global Awakening He and Melia served as young adult interns at New Life City under Dr. Alan Hawkins from 2018-2019. From there they moved to Starkville, MS where they were Youth Pastors. They then lived in Nashville, TN, for a new job opportunity and a season of rest. They joyfully answered yes when the Lord brought them back home to Albuquerque in Fall of 2021, along with their son James. Ethan and Melia passionately believe for revival for this next generation as they prioritize seeking the presence of God, and cultivating opportunities for this younger generation to receive the call of God over their lives and respond in obedience.

Brian Starley

Global Awakening Associate

Brian’s deepest conviction is to learn how to make room for the presence of God in our lives and to honor what He’s doing above all else. His ministry is marked by the Spiritual gift of impartation. 

"Dignity is not a fruit of the Spirit." - Brian Starley

Awaken Nations

Youth Awakened Worship Team

Awaken Nations is a family of worshipers based out of the Global School of Supernatural Ministry in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. They are committed to ministering to the Lord through music and inviting others to join in as they lift up the name of Jesus.

Youth Awakened Activities

Power Evangelism Photo Scavenger Hunt

Youth will be trained and equipped in the 5-step prayer model, power evangelism by Global Awakening Associates and Richie Seltzer. They will then embark on a power evangelism photo scavenger hunt around downtown OKC praying for the sick and lost. 

Team Building Games & Activities

Youth will be put into teams with teens from around the world and compete against one another throughout the week for first place. They will play team-building games to learn how to work with one another and form long-lasting friendships. 

Worship, Prayer & Encounter

Youth Awakened will encounter the Lord through powerful worship led by Awakened Nations at all morning and night sessions. 

Riversport Rapids OKC

Youth Awakened will spend an afternoon at a waterpark in downtown Oklahoma City. They will go white-water rafting and be able to go tubing, surfing, and climb on a ropes course. 

Impartation & Activation from Conference Speakers

Youth will listen to teaching from Sean & Christa Smith, Will Hart, Brian Starley, and Charity Cook. They will be activated to seek after the Father's Heart and deepen their walk with the Lord. 


"Getting to be in an atmosphere that is saturated with the presence of the Lord for an extended period of time like it is in conferences like this has allowed my boys to experience many gentle yet powerful encounters with the Lord, helping them to understand examples of what it looks like and feels like when God shows up. Most of the world is shut out and their attention is more readily focused on God. My son especially loved missions outreach and praying for the people they encountered. When it was his turn to pray, his heart was overjoyed as they watched God show up and touch the life of the lady they were praying for. Her back was partially healed right there on the spot, and as they walked away, they just kept praying that she would receive a full recovery."
"During outreach, one little boy about 7 years old was very impacted by our team. He came back around us by the food and wanted a bag of chips. We gave him a whole arm full. More than he could hold. We had so much leftover we have him a whole box and he was afraid to take it. We followed him back to his apartment. His mom had received food but we offered her more. She said she had 7 kids and was thankful. So little man came back to the group with us and enjoyed a bunch of strawberries. He asked us when we would come back. As our buses left he ran to the gate and waved by. I told him Jesus really really loved him!!! He wanted to give him all of those chips."
"One of our youth came back home and prayed for his mom's feet and her arches were restored, fully healed. Delivered of fear of evangelizing for just about everyone. Came back with fire that is spreading to others in the church."
"One daughter felt activated during prayer on the first night. She felt prompted to pray for people the rest of the week as she was overcome with the Love of God. One daughter felt moved to tears as her friend received prayer and she is just so excited to share God with more people. One daughter began to feel anxious and cried upon going up for prayer and wanted to leave. As we stepped back to the middle section, a volunteer came and prayed for her she said the sounds and noise that was pressing in on her felt farther away as if the Lord placed her in the middle of a bubble and she FELT PEACE! She had also been struggling with eating and not feeling hungry for months. Her stomach would feel upset at the thought of eating. I am happy to report that she IS HUNGRY and has been since the conference!" 

Frequently Asked

Youth Awakened runs simultaneously with the Greater Things schedule. Drop off for morning sessions will be at 8:30 am and pick up will be at 12:30 pm. Afternoon sessions will be from 1:30 - 5:00 pm. Night sessions drop-off will be at 6:30 and pick-up will be at 10:00 pm.
Youth Awakened registration includes a white-water rafting ticket and afternoon at Riversport Rapids, transportation to afternoon activities, a t-shirt, a water bottle, and a ticket to the Youth Awakened conference. Please note registration does not include transportation to the event, lodging, and food.
All of the rapids are man-build, however, youth is not required to go white-water rafting to participate in this afternoon activity. Riversport Rapids also has paddle boarding, tubing, ropes course, and much more.
If you are interested in participating as a chaperone for the Youth Awakened Power Evangelism Scavenger Hunt please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. All participating chaperones must pass a background check as well as be trained in the 5-step prayer model and in words of knowledge.
Yes! If you register more than 10 youth in one transaction you will receive $10.00 off per registrant. For every 10 youth that a youth group registers, you will receive free registration for one chaperone to attend Greater Things. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a coupon code.
Youth must be checked in and out for every session so we know who is accounted for and who is not. This ensures the safety of every single youth attending Youth Awakened.
Meals are not included in conference registration and must be purchased by the youth. We recommend bringing your own lunch or ordering in for lunch breaks because of the time constraint for afternoon activities.
A Youth Awakened t-shirt will be provided at registration. It is recommended that youth wear this t-shirt, especially at evangelism and outreach activities as it makes identifying them easier for the leaders. Comfortable running shoes are recommended for morning games and required for the afternoon evangelism and outreach activities. Closed-toed shoes are required for the water park! Crocs are not allowed for the water park.

Girls: T-shirts, modest or longer shorts, flip flops, sandals, hats, and caps are permitted. Yoga pants, tight-fitting clothing, short shorts, immodest clothing, or offensive slogans will not be allowed. No shirts that expose your midriff, mini-skirts, tank tops, or spaghetti string shirts. Waterpark Attire: Bathing suits must be one piece and cannot expose the midriff.

Guys: T-shirts, long shorts, flip flops, sandals, hats, and caps are permitted. No tight-fitting clothing, tank tops, or offensive slogans will be allowed. Please make sure that clothing is not distracting and fits modestly. Any immodest clothing will not be allowed. Waterpark Attire: Bathing suits must be swim trunks.
When out on our afternoon excursions students must remain with groups of 3 or more at all times. If out doing the power evangelism scavenger hunt, youth MUST stay with their chaperone at ALL times. This ensures their safety. At Riverapid Sports youth must check in with their group leader every 1.5 hours. Youth are not allowed to leave Riversport Rapids early and must arrive and leave on the bus. Parents are not allowed to pick up or drop off their youth at the afternoon activities, youth must remain with the group until they are returned to the convention center and picked up. Youth must be checked in and out between morning & afternoon sessions by their designated guardian. Youth cannot leave or be dropped off without the guardian present.
Spending money is at your discretion. There is a snack/gift shop located at Riversport Rapids. Snacks are not included in Youth Awakened registration.