YPI – Cyst and Pain in Thumb Disappears

One lady had a cyst in her thumb, could not bend it, and was in a lot of pain. I prayed for a long time without anything happening, even trying to see if it were an afflicting spirit. Finally, I asked if she had any unforgiveness or bitterness in her life. She said yes. She could not forgive her husband. I explained through the translator how that could hinder her healing. She said she accepted that and would forgive her husband.

I had her repeat after me this prayer: “I forgive my husband of his wrong-doing and for hurting me in the name of Jesus. I repent of my unforgiveness and bitterness towards my husband in the name of Jesus. I release my husband to you, Jesus, and am washed in the blood of Jesus.” I prayed again for her thumb, and she felt heat and some of the pain go away. I continued to bless that in the name of Jesus. The pain completely left! I then commanded the cyst to leave but she could still feel it. Afterwards, she could not find it. She was 100% healed. I have declared that, because Jesus is in me, and He healed everyone that came to Him… that I would not accept anything less than 100% healing. Everyone I have prayed for during our words of knowledge, intercession, and the past two church services has been 100% healed!!! Praise Jesus for the cross! ~Rachel

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