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YPI – Emotional Healing from Miscarriages

A translator, who was with Global, came to me to ask for prayer. I could see in her eyes that she was grieving. She had miscarried three times since November of 2010. She said there was a problem with her ovaries, that her eggs weren’t maturing/dropping… something like that. Immediately when I laid my hands on her, I sensed the grief of God. It was overwhelming.

I invited Holy Spirit to touch her and heal her. As she started to weep, I realized that she was having a powerful encounter with the most High. I declared healing over her body in full capacity, and blessed her future children. Faith began to build. Although we could not know whether she would be physically healed that day, I knew for sure that God had done an amazing work, in the depth of her soul. By wiping away the tears and sorrows pent up from her lost children. It was incredible to see God work in a powerful way through my own hands. I did nothing but ask and he came. ~Kallista

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