YPI – Quarter Sized Tumor in Breast Shrinks

I prayed for a woman with breast cancer. She had a benign tumor on her arm and a malignant tumor on her breast. She had an appointment the next week to have it removed/ checked. The tumor on her breast was the size of a quarter or larger.

We prayed and she felt God’s amazing presence. As we continued to pray she felt the tumor moving some. So we thanked Jesus and kept praying. We prayed for about 30 minutes total. The tumor began to shrink after about 15 minutes. We prayed and it moved more. The woman wanted me to feel the side of her breast to feel the movement and change in size. I felt it move and shrink. It was crazy awesome. It shrunk to about the size of 2 peas from the size of bigger than a quarter. The woman believed God would finish it before her doctor’s appointment next week. God is amazing! ~Mardell

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