YPI – Foot Healed While Dancing.

About 6 months ago I was playing basketball and came down on a man’s foot and suffered a serious ankle sprain. When I went to the hospital the doctor told me it was a miracle I hadn’t broken it. He also told me that soft tissues injuries can quite often take longer to heal than bone breaks. He said after about 6 weeks my ankle should be healed to a point where I will then be able to go and have physica  therapy. I would have to do this to get the strength and flexibility back otherwise it could happen again. Due to time and expense I didn’t have this and have noticed that after a short time of any form of exercise or physical movement my ankle would get sore again. During the meeting, Tracie said that a “spirit of dance” had come into the room, so I began to dance and just for Jesus. After about 5 minutes I realized that there was no pain in my ankle. I would usually have had to have stopped after about 1 minute and would be hopping on one leg. I had been sovereignly healed!! What’s also amazing is my
ankle now feels stronger than the other!! Bless God!

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