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YPI – Jaw Pain

During ministry, RIck had come up to me, asking if I was the person with the word of knowledge for a jaw problem. Although I wasn’t, I went to pray for the girl, and God had brought to my remembrance the person who did have that word. Rick had gone to find David, the one with the word for jaw problem. I began praying in the meantime, asking the Holy Spirit to come with his fire. The cause of her jaw probelm was that the doctors took off her braces, they did something to her jaw. I prayed for healing, that anything the doctors did, that the Great Physician would reverse it. I asked God to realign her jaw, that she would feel the physcial shift in her mouth. David and Rick had come over and laid hands on her, praying for a while. When we all finished, the girl had just fallen into the translator’s arms, with her hands over her mouth. we asked what happened, and she said nothing. I took that to mean that nothing happened. We asked again, and the translator aaid “No, there’s no pain.” We just praised God and hugged her, and when we saw her again later, her jaw was aligned, and she was still without pain! The look of peace and joy on her face was so sweet, and the look of love was so worth everything. Praise God!

 ~ Amanda

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