YPI – Shoulder and Foot pain

An older lady came up with shoulder pain and foot pain, mostly shoulder. She was wincing, and couldn’t move her shoulder well. I had to share a translator, so in between a healing I’d have to call her over to translate.

She’d get the problem, and then move to another team member. I prayed simple prayers for about 20 seconds till the translator came back, had her check on the pain. It was gone and the woman was in tears. God healed her feet also while I prayed for her shoulder. Then the translator would move back to the other team member. At times I wouldn’t have a translator and the person would just stand there smiling. So I’d pray general prayers in English, then speak the few Portuguese phrases I know, and they’d either end up on the floor or in tears. The power of God moves so freely here, it’s like all you have to do is stick your hand out and they’re healed!

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