YPI – Shoulder, Back, Ankle Pain Relieved

A guy, approximately 30 years old, walked up to me for prayer. He said that he had a pain in his right shoulder, his back and left ankle. I asked him how long he had it, and he jokingly said too long. He said he couldn’t remember how long.

I started by praying for his shoulder for two minutes. He said nothing happened and he felt nothing. Then I prayed for his back and shoulder for a few minutes longer. He said he felt some heat in his back and felt a little better. Next I bent down to his ankle, and prayed and asked for fire from God. He said his toes felt hot, and his pain had all gone into his head. That’s when I figured out it was a spirit of affliction. I laid my hand on his forehead and bound the spirit in Jesus name. After that I commanded it to leave. I repeated this for 30 seconds until he said it was completely gone. I finished asking God to fill him with his love and joy. He went away happy after giving me a hug. God is AWESOME!! ~Logan

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