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YPI – Word of Knowledge for Eating Disorder

While worshipping in the morning, God had given me a word of knowledge. I saw a piece of pork, a strip of bacon, a hot dog, and a leg of chicken. I knew this was God because of the consistency and correspondence of all things I saw, but then, I saw a scale (that you weigh yourself on). I knew it was either for an eating disorder or a weight problem, but I didn’t know for whom or for when it was.  ~Amanda

That day Randy Clark was preaching on words of knowledge, and asked for those who received them to go up and share them. I was not sure if I was supposed to go up then, because I felt it was for that night. God confirmed that for me when Randy said only people who have never shared words of knowledge could go up, and I had shared before. Nevertheless, that night, Jamie Galloway had called the team up to share words of knowledge. I went up and shared it, confident that God had given it to me, but unsure if anyone would stand up. I hadn’t seen anybody stand, but I knew that God saw that person. When Jamie asked people to come up for other healings/salvation, a man came up to me asking if I was the one with the “meat vision”. He told me that when he was a kid, he used to eat junk and anything he wanted, but it didn’t do anything to him. However, he said that now he still has this problem, but it does affect him. To be honest, I didn’t expect a man to come to me about an eating disorder, but that’s God. I prayed for him, that God would cleanse his blood, arteries, and anything else affected by his eating. I prayed for healing of this in Jesus’ name and that he would no longer seek satisfaction in earthly food, but in Jesus. That in the flesh, the more we eat, we become full, but in the spirit, the more we consume Christ, the deeper we hunger. I prayed for earthly satisfaction, but a spiritual hunger for the Living Water and Bread of Life. He began shaking, and his face was so happy, and his look of thankfulness and peace came upon him. I was so ecstatic that God brought me the person for my word of knowledge, and I was more than satisfied. However, during snack time, after all ministering was done; a girl from Global came to me, also asking if I was the one with the “meat vision”. She said that only recently she had become a vegetarian, refusing meat, because she was afraid to gain weight. I was caught off guard that God had brought me another answer to my word of knowledge. I prayed for her healing, and God told me to tell her that any lies that she believed that lead her to this would be broken that she had an identity as a daughter of the living God, and that she would love meat. She told me that just before I prayed for her, she had a piece of pizza. I was so blown away by the people who had come up to me, and the accuracy of the word that God gave me, despite how odd it sounded.

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