39-year-old Sport Injury Healed!

A 55-year-old man, had strong pain all over his back. He injured his back 39 years ago in a sports accident. His lower spine was deformed. The doctors’ couldn’t do anything. 

After I prayed, he felt a little heat in his back. After testing it out, his pain level was decreasing. I prayed about six times until the pain left totally. He was so touched. He could hardly believe it. He had tears in his eyes and was so excited. He said after a while that there was still something going on in his body and the pain in his legs was decreasing, which he hadn’t mentioned in the beginning. He also had pain in both wrists and on the right wrist was a red scar. He had an injury from a knife some years ago. The doctors fixed it, but it didn’t heal properly leaving him with restricted movement. After prayer, he felt some heat, saying with excitement that the scar was not red anymore and the pain level was decreasing. After praying about five times and testing it out, the pain level was getting until it was down to almost zero. He got his full movement back. He was so excited! He had not even wanted to come to the meeting and was now so thankful to God. Yay, God! You did it!! 
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